What is CareCubed?

CareCubed is the National Care Costing tool used by providers & councils to benchmark costs and help create a fair and sustainable care market.

CareCubed is being used by a diverse range of providers of different shapes and sizes to help understand costs, provide a benchmark which is updated to reflect real world changes, and give providers and commissioners a consistent ‘common currency’ or language to work in an effective and transparent way. CareCubed will help streamline discussions and help create a fair and sustainable market.

Build relationships with care commissioners

Using CareCubed shows that you are not a closed book, but a provider who wants to work with councils.

Some councils are building CareCubed as the pricing tool into contracts and would have a preference to work with providers using CareCubed. Having the tool will enable a conversation between both parties rather than simply letting the council use CareCubed to calculate fees.


Understand your costs, pricing and ensure fees are reflective of local, regional and national benchmarks. 


 Avoid disputes and potential need to hand back packages. 


 Improve relationships and work strategically with commissioners to develop the market. 

We have unrivalled experience in this field and work with both commissioners and providers to continuously develop our software and data models.

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60% of councils and more than 500 care providers currently use CareCubed.


CareCubed includes three benchmark data models covering working age adults & older people, children and young people.


Commissioners are engaging with providers using the tool to have more meaningful conversations develop new services.