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CareCubed is a secure online tool to support open and transparent negotiation of costs for care placements.


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Years of Transparency

We have over 15 years of experience calculating the cost of care for a variety of care settings. Used in more than 600 organisations across the UK, the tool is available for use in both Adults and Children’s services.

Built on a decade of experience with its predecessor, the Care Funding Calculator, the tool uses an evidence-based approach to give a clear baseline for care costs. It is used to bring clarity to the cost of care by both care commissioners (local authority and Integrated Commissioning Boards) as well as care providers.

What are the Benefits?

CareCubed assists practitioners and providers with the modelling of care costs, providing a simple and consistent approach to identifying individual needs and package requirements. CareCubed provides a modern user interface with a range of options to support analysis and collaboration within and across organisations.

The benefits of CareCubed for your organisation include:

Evidence that the organisation has calculated the fair cost of care using current and local rates
effective use of
limited resources
Supports the development of sustainable services
Provides visibility of current costs and informs uplift discussions
Consistency of approach for local authority staff and care providers

Which Local Authorities Are Using CareCubed?

CareCubed is the market-leading sustainable and dynamic care pricing calculator which is currently used in over 60 local authorities across the UK. The highlighted areas in the map shows who is currently using CareCubed.

  • Currently using CareCubed
  • Not currently using CareCubed

CareCubed Modules

Children’s Services

Adult Services

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The CareCubed Charter

The CareCubed Charter aims to act as a protocol for users and sets the expected behaviour for both parties.
It is hoped that by actively applying the principles within the charter, commissioners and providers are more likely to build trust and mutual respect, achieve a better balance of risk and streamline the negotiation process.

We invite all local authorities and care providers to sign-up to the principles outlined in the charter.
You can also read our guidance on signing up to the charter.


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    CareCubed customers can now access specialist consultancy through iESE’s partner Peopletoo to help them maximise the benefits of CareCubed and ensure it is embedded into processes.

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  • The Right Care at a Fair Price

    CareCubed is the market-leading care pricing tool which offers a transparent solution to help local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and care providers agree the cost and scope of placements, helping both parties achieve the right care at a fair price based on individual client needs.

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We’ve never had anything as transparent, equitable, and user friendly as CareCubed.

Victoria Bayley
Lead Commissioner, Specialist Commissioning Team, Wiltshire Council

We can now capture the specific mental health needs and recovery goals which has saved us lots of time and allows us to very quickly collect clear, person-centred information which can be easily updated. We can now input risks around self-harm, for example, and other things that are a lot more applicable to our service can just be selected from a dropdown menu.

Anna Rivellio
Project Manager, Together for Mental Wellbeing

As a provider we need to manage our risks so that we can continue to provide high quality services to all service users. When you are working with a commissioning team you have never worked with before CareCubed gives confidence in the fee being proposed, the rationale and context – that the fee has been accurately considered and is based on accurate, up-to-date data.

Richard Broad
Operations & Development Manager, Together for Mental Wellbeing

It allows us to demonstrate and evidence that we are focused on delivering outcomes for the individual and offering person-centred recovery services at a fair price.

Anna Rivellio
Project Manager, Together for Mental Wellbeing

CareCubed gives confidence in the fee being proposed, the rationale and context – that the fee has been accurately considered and is based on accurate, up-to-date data.

Richard Broad
Operations & Development Manager, Together for Mental Wellbeing

CareCubed’s benchmark figures allow us to identify outliers on overhead costs and
take action to achieve efficiency saving at a service or unit level.

Michael Foley
Funding and Assessment Manager, The Disabilities Trust

CareCubed’s clear and visually appealing outputs have helped take the heat out of negotiation. CareCubed reduces uncertainty for us as a provider, and promotes greater collaborative working with commissioners and shared accountability for changes.

Lynsey Robertson
Director of Business Development and Programme Management, The Disabilities Trust

The iESE negotiation training was one of the better trainings we have had as a team. It was so good we decided to embed it in our training offer for our Children’s Service Training Academy. I put it into practice with a provider and the tools and tactics straight away paid off as we were able to have a positive conversation as to how they were costing up aspects of their provision.

James Atkins
Commissioning Manager (Corporate Parenting), Surrey County Council

CareCubed is a strong evidence-based tool which allows you to have an open dialog with care providers. For both councils and providers to remain sustainable we need to address the issues head on, and the work we are doing now will mean our residents can access the best possible care in the future.

Nicollette Browne
Contract and Commissioning Manager, Surrey County Council

CareCubed gives us a lot control around costs and commissioning processes, whilst also allowing us to model changes to the market and provision in Surrey. Without a nationally recognised benchmarking tool it was very difficult to know exactly what we were paying for and whether we were being charged a fair price. As a commissioning authority, we have a duty to get value from the public purse whilst also recognising our providers are businesses who need to turn a profit. CareCubed is an invaluable tool to support an open, constructive conversation with our partners.

Jeremy Taylor
Head of Contracts & Commissioning, Support Services and Brokerage, Surrey County Council

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