The CareCubed Mission

As a not-for-profit organisation, CareCubed’s mission is to build a successful and imaginative company that delivers innovative solutions to help advance and improve the social care sector. We are uniquely positioned to bring a combination of best of breed technology, and a team with the skills and experience to continually evolve our tool with our customers to support the sector. CareCubed is the next generation of digital care pricing, in creating this tool, we aim to provide a structured, person-centred approach to recording needs and to support the open and transparent negotiation of costs for specialist care placements.

We hope that through our work with the care sector, we can impact meaningful change, strive for sustainable social care and create positive outcomes for those commissioning, providing and receiving care.

The CareCubed Time Line


iESE carries out first whole council spend analysis

Our analysis identified that the cost of specialist care packages was a large area of spend that had enormous variation, and there was no clear understanding as to what was causing the variance in price across different packages.

Collaborative development of the CFC

The Care Funding Calculator © (CFC) was created to address the issue of the un-explained variation in the price of specialist care packages. A robust model was put in place, co-developed with care providers and local authority representatives.

The CareFundingCalculator (CFC) is launched

We launched our ground-breaking Excel-based tool, the CFC, which calculated a guide-price for specialist care packages using an evidence-based approach to inform negotiation and provide a clear baseline for discussion of changes in cost or need.

UK councils save over £63m using the CFC

The CFC saved councils across the UK over £63m when looking to support both residential care and supported living for adults, by ensuring a better match of support hours to the needs of the individual. According to a social care review, the tool saved up to £2.1m for individual councils, and delivered 40% improved productivity and lead the way on the new approach to setting equitable care fees across residential care.

CFC moves online!

With the CFC moving to an online platform, so began a step change in convenience and productivity for users. The CFC moves to a software as a service (SaaS) subscription model to ensure its ongoing viability as a critical tool for commissioners and providers.

CareCubed – New care cost clarity tool unveiled

iESE launched a redesigned and updated version of the CFC with a new name – CareCubed. CareCubed brings significant enhancements to the modelling of care costs for different care settings reflecting on local costs and rates, in line with changing patterns of care provision, as well as ease of use on mobile devices, a fresher user interface and enhanced support for ‘What If’ options and analysis and collaboration within and across organisations.

Children’s services module made available

With iESE’s commitment to the ongoing development of CareCubed, we launched a new children’s module of the online tool for pricing children’s care.

CareCubed rapidly updated to support with the challenges of Covid

iESE engages with commissioners and providers in online workshops designed to share ideas and deliver a our short-term development roadmap showing how CareCubed can help with COVID-19 related issues.

CareCubed User Forums go online

CareCubed User Forums make a come-back but this time online, and on a monthly basis as an opportunity to bring users together, to share the tool’s latest developments and to give us the chance to hear their thoughts and opinions to make sure the tool is meeting all their need.

CareCubed Community is launched

iESE created an exclusive online community for our CareCubed Users in local government to share their experiences and collaborate with others using the tool, and also contribute new ideas towards the continued development of the tool to calculate the fair cost of care.

The CareCubed Charter created

iESE has updated its CareCubed Charter in conjunction with commissioners and providers. The charter aims to act as a protocol for users and sets the expected behaviour for both parties. It is hoped that by actively applying the principles within the charter, commissioners and providers are more likely to build trust and mutual respect, achieve a better balance of risk and streamline the negotiation process.

CareCubed underpins fair cost of care exercise

To enable local authorities to meet the requirement, a free data collection tool commissioned by CHIP (delivered by the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) was developed by iESE based on its tool CareCubed. The tool was used by more than 95 per cent of councils and 60 per cent of all over-65s care providers, representing around 40 per cent of all beds nationally. Click here to find out more about this.

CareCubed goes for G-CLOUD

Local authorities wising to procure a CareCubed license can now do so more quickly and simply through the Crown Commercial Service Digital Marketplace G-Cloud Framework.

Place-based license is launched

Taking collaboration another step on – this new licence allows commissioners to provide access to CareCubed to their providers.






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