Your Questions Answered

Got a question? We have provided a variety of FAQs about CareCubed below. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, please complete a contact us form and a member of the CareCubed team will get back to you shortly.

The CareCubed Platform

What is CareCubed?

CareCubed is a secure online tool to support open and transparent negotiation of costs for specialist care placements. Built on a decade of experience with its predecessor, the Care Funding Calculator, the tool uses an evidence-based approach to give a clear baseline for care costs. It is used to bring clarity to the cost of care by both care commissioners (Local Authority and Integrated Commissioning Boards/Local Health Boards) as well as care providers.

How is CareCubed different from traditional care pricing solutions?

CareCubed is the only independent benchmarking tool that commissions nationally recognised organisations to provide localised ‘real-world’ data, able to inform cost of care for all ages across the UK’s Health and Social care landscape.

Who uses CareCubed?

CareCubed is used by over 60% of all councils and over 500 care providers across the United Kingdom.

Is CareCubed suitable for organisations of all sizes?

Yes, CareCubed is suitable for organisations of all sizes. It is used by a diverse range of councils, ICB’s (formerly CCGs) and care providers.

How often is the CareCubed data model updated with the latest market data?

The CareCubed data model is updated twice annually.

CareCubed Licensing

How can I purchase CareCubed?

CareCubed can be purchased as a single purchase for councils and can be purchased via a BACS payment for providers. For procurement purposes we are also on Constellia and G-cloud 13 hosted on the CAS.

How does the licensing work?

Licences are annual, however 2–3-year agreements can be purchased protecting the customer from any inflationary or list-price increases.

What does the licence include?

  • Your own secure organisation account on CareCubed.
  • Bi-annual updates to CareCubed cost model.
  • Ongoing programme of enhancements.
  • Online documentation.
  • Self-service online training videos & courses (coming soon).
  • Access to “Walk Me” virtual training assistant.
  • Online/email support for issues.
  • CareCubed online community access (councils only).
  • User forum/group for sharing experiences (e.g. joint working initiative).
  • Full GDPR compliance.

Are bundle discounts available?

‘Yes’ if multiple licenses are purchased together, such as the CareCubed Adults module alongside the CareCubed Children and Younger Persons module, additional discounts will be applied.

How many users can you have with a single organisational licence?

There is unlimited user access for your organisation at no additional cost.

Getting up and running

How quickly can I get access to CareCubed?

CareCubed can have a new organisational account fully accessible within one working day.

How easy is it to implement CareCubed within your organisation?

For smaller organisations CareCubed has in-built training as-a-service enabling users to get up and running immediately. For Councils and ICB’s we offer a range of Premium implementation packages that can be right-sized to deliver bespoke outcomes for your organisation.

Customer support

What support is available for users?

At CareCubed, our main goal is to make sure you’re fully supported. We’ve set up different ways to help you make the most of your experience:

  • Online Helpdesk: Our dedicated helpdesk ensures prompt responses to queries within one business day, offering quick resolutions to any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Monthly User Forums: Engage in our monthly user forums, covering recent data updates, council interviews, new functionality demonstrations, and more. These sessions not only keep you informed but also provide an opportunity for your input, shaping the development of CareCubed according to user needs.
  • CareCubed Community Forum: Exclusively for Local Authority users, this forum serves as a collaborative space allowing users to share insights, and best practices, creating a vibrant community dedicated to enhancing the CareCubed experience.

What training resources are available for users?

We offer a range of CareCubed training including but not limited to:

  • Online Technical Training Courses: Dive right into our tool with online technical training courses available directly within the platform. These courses offer a hands-on approach to mastering CareCubed.
  • Quarterly Group Refresher Training via Teams: Join our quarterly group refresher sessions conducted via Teams. These sessions are designed to keep your skills sharp and your knowledge up to date in a collaborative setting.
  • Online User Guide and Costs and Assumption Guide: Access our comprehensive online user guide, along with a detailed costs and assumption guide. These resources serve as valuable references, providing in-depth information whenever you need it.


How do I login to CareCubed?

Getting started is easy. You can log on using your email address and password at:

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, choose the “Forgotten your password” option on the log-in page and follow the instructions to get a new password.

How do I manage user access for CareCubed?

Primary users have additional administrative capabilities including managing their organisation’s users. Primary users can invite and deactivate users and promote/demote them to/from primary users.

Mobile and web access

What kind of system requirements are needed to use CareCubed?

CareCubed is a web-based application and can be used on any browser.

Can I use CareCubed on my mobile device?

Yes. CareCubed is a responsive solution and can be used on mobile phones and tablet devices. Some offline capability does exist but we recommend using the tool with a data connection.

On which browsers is CareCubed supported?

CareCubed can be used on any browser e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.

Security, access and integration

Does CareCubed support multi-factor authentication?

Yes. CareCubed supports Multi-Factor Authentication and will support both Microsoft authenticator and Google authenticator. We recommend that you set this up once you have access to your account to ensure you are as protected as you can be.