The CareFundingCalculator (CFC) is copyright of iESE.

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The CareFundingCalculator ©

Caring for the most vulnerable in society means that it is crucial that councils have access to the most up-to-date information.

The CareFundingCalculator © (CFC) was a tool that calculated the cost of specialist care packages using an evidence-based approach to give a clear baseline for care costs.

It saved councils across the UK over £63m when looking to support both residential care and supported living for adults, by reducing the cost of current placements by up to 60% .

According to a social care review, the tool saved up to £2.1m for individual councils and delivered 40% improved productivity and lead the way on the new approach to setting equitable care fees across residential care.

You can no longer purchase this tool and you may no longer use the tool. The CFC has not been supported for a number of years and as such the data within the tool has not been updated and will produce erroneous results. It is important that current data sets are used to avoid litigation issues and to maintain the sustainability of care provision in the sector.

The CFC is no longer licensed for use and has has never been licensed for adaptation. Any use or adaptation of the CFC is a criminal act. If you receive a copy of the CFC please notify us immediately. As the owner of all rights in the CFC IESE expects that all copies of the CFC are replaced by CareCubed and payment is made for avoided licence fees. IESE reserves the right to take Legal action against any individual or organisation using the CFC.

If you have any concerns about an organisation using CFC please contact us at and we will take appropriate action.


As time has moved on, we have developed a new version of the CareFundingCalculator © which is based on more than 10 years of experience in calculating the fair cost of care.

CareCubed © is a secure online tool that helps calculate the fair cost of specialist care placements, to help ensure a sustainable care market for both local authorities and care providers. It is available to use in both adult social care and children social care.

CareCubed brings significant enhancements to the modelling of care costs for different care settings reflecting on local costs and rates, in line with changing patterns of care provision, as well as ease of use on mobile devices, a fresher user interface and enhanced support for ‘What If’ options and analysis and collaboration within and across organisations.

If you want to speak to a CareCubed expert, please click on the contact us button in the top menu.