The Children’s Social Care Challenge

The cost of children’s social care faces significant challenges with multiple reports describing a broken, unsustainable market which requires urgent reform. CareCubed helps create a fair and sustainable that properly supports care providers, whilst delivering value for money from the public purse.

CareCubed Support for Children's Social Care Services

Commissioning authorities are on the cliff edge with spiralling costs in children’s social services meaning that many are facing the very real prospect of bankruptcy.

Demand continues to rapidly increase meaning there is a lack of provision and local supply available. This means that typically, many councils require a placement when it becomes available and, unfortunately, more and more children and young people are being placed a long way from home and families, friends and communities.

Those that are suffering most from the issues described are those children and young people living in care.


Whilst there is no silver bullet to resolve these problems overnight, doing nothing is no longer an option because the status quo is simply not sustainable.

CareCubed provides a single, nationwide approach and methodology which will create a fair and sustainable market whilst maximising limited budgets that are available.

Rapid adoption is need to accelerate change and thankfully a growing number of commissioning authorities are using CareCubed to provide some much needed immediate cost control and monitoring. The more that adopt this approach, the bigger the impact and the sooner the financial pressures can be brought under control.

CareCubed provides an invaluable tool to commissioners to help them understand provider costs, how care is being delivered and drive positive outcomes for children and young people. CareCubed will provide a robust evidence base to support discussions around price, and give a clear view on the cost to deliver packages of care for children and young people.

The supply and demand challenge we currently face makes this a difficult situation but customers are making great strides and seeing huge benefits including significant savings and cost avoidance, and more children and young people living local in the right care setting.

CareCubed has made an immediate impact and delivered significant benefits, exceeding our expectations we had for the first 12 months. It is now embedded into our processes and playing a critical role both in day-to-day commissioning and also as a strategic tool for us to work closely with providers to shape our market and ensure it is sustainable. Not only is it helping the council achieve our goals, but it has also been very well received by our providers too, who value the open and transparent approach to talking about price.”

Chris Tisdall,
Commissioning Service Manager,
Surrey County Council.

Licence options

Core licence

Unlimited user licences for the licensed organisation (council, ICB/LHB/provider) to work on the cohorts of cases covered by the modules purchased.


Available to councils and extends the licence, enabling the licensee to extend controlled access to key partners across the place. Council’s will be able to provide controlled access to both care providers and health service colleagues. This supports collaborative working and allows costings and needs information to be submitted directly to CareCubed in a consistent format.

How to purchase

If you are ready to purchase or would like to discuss your options then please click on the button below to book a demo with our sales team, or click on contact us in the top menu. We can get you up and running within a couple of weeks and will assist in every aspect of your setup.


  • Covers children and young people up to the age of 18.
  • Robust methodology based on 16 years’ experience.
  • Secure web-based tool accessed via the browser with no installation required.
  • Proven tool across public sector used by more than 60% of councils and 500 providers.
  • Data model updated bi-annually.
  • Person-centred recording of needs and defined improvement outcomes.
  • For residential and semi-independent living placements.
  • Three unique data models covers all-age commissioning (Children & Young People, Working Age Adults and Older Persons) across England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Covers both health and social care needs to support integrated commissioning.
  • Templates to capture cost of care information and use for future placements.
  • Model changes in your area to support strategic planning.
  • Reports and dashboards provide intelligence covering financial, commissioning and market information.
  • Sharing and collaboration functions across health, social care and care provider organisations.
  • Convenient user management.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Ease of use on mobile devices (tablets, smart phones).

Benefits include

  • Governance and cost control.
  • Fair pricing for providers and commissioners.
  • Forward planning based on robust evidence and data.
  • Improved relationships between stakeholder groups.
  • Consistency of approach across stakeholder groups.
  • Shaping vibrant local markets and ensuring sustainability

Children’s Services Case Studies