The Fair Cost of Care Fund

The Prime Minister in September 2020 announced the goal of establishing a sustainable care market for care providers. This need has been accelerated by the release of the government’s policy paper “Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund”, which sets out that the government will be providing funding to support local authorities moving towards paying providers a fair rate of care.

All councils in England are now required to urgently carry out a ‘fair cost of care exercise’ as detailed in the policy paper and further guidance released by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) on 24th March 2022.

Our Fair Cost of Care Solution

iESE delivered the Care Home Cost of Care Tool on behalf of CHIP (delivered by ADASS and the LGA) which was free to all councils (and any 3rd parties working with councils on cost of care) and providers to use.

The tool was built on the existing web based CareCubed platform and aimed to support both councils and care providers in future cost of care work.

CareCubed, is already used in more than 100 councils and care providers across the UK. CareCubed has been developed in partnership with both commissioning authorities and care providers and has already handled more than 50,000 cost of care assessments.

Andrew Larner, CEO at IESE said “We are confident that our 16 years of research and development into fair price fair care creates a platform which can bring transparency to care commissioners and care providers alike. As a not for profit, social enterprise, for the good of the sector we will ensure that this is an intuitive tool that will help to drive the future of care services across the country. We are very excited to be selected as the technology partner for the fair cost of care exercise and we look forward to working with partners to deliver positive outcomes for councils, providers, and residents.”

How can I access the tool?

The tool was used in 96% of local authorities and more than 300 care providers across England. As the fair cost of care exercise has come to a close, the tool is no longer available for councils or care providers.

If you’ve got a question about the fair cost of care tool, please get in touch with us by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.