Moray Council - Greater Control of Care Costs

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The Challenge

  • Improve the quality of care for adults with learning difficulties living independently
  • Reduce unpredictable cost increases associated with historic rolling contracts
  • Create a benchmarked budget with supporting evidence for commissioners negotiating new and existing contracts

The Solution

  • Use of the innovative CareCubed online tool when commissioning adult and health care services
  • Clear benchmarked costs for every individual’s care needs generated
  • Commissioners equipped with a clear guide price supported by evidence when entering contract negotiations
  • Use of CareCubed in combination with the “Progression Model”


  • Commissioning of complex care services with ease
  • Value for money – a fair rate for the individual, provider and taxpayer
  • Greater confidence in negotiating with providers

When commissioning care services for adults with learning disabilities, Health & Social Care Moray kept on experiencing a familiar yet frustrating situation – a lack of control and clarity meant the partnership was paying more and more for similar levels of care from the same providers.

As Aimee Borzoni, Commissioning Officer for Health and Social Care Moray, explains: “We have a number of houses where four or five people with learning disabilities are living together. But, when individuals moved in, providers were adding extra costs onto our rolling contracts – and because we had no starting point for what we should be paying, we were in no position to challenge it.”

The situation in the north east of Scotland is not unique; in fact, it is a common theme faced by commissioners across the UK.

But thanks to iESE’s CareCubed tool, a solution is now available which improves the quality of care provided, increases transparency in commissioning and gives greater control over costs.

The support CareCubed has provided Moray as it transforms its approach to commissioning care services has been invaluable. In fact, it now uses the online tool every time it reviews an existing contract or procures a new one for the 150 adults in residential care or supported living services.

Put simply, CareCubed offers an easy way for commissioners to work out how much they should be paying providers for individuals’ care.

CareCubed brings together thousands of pieces of local, regional and national data into one easy-to-use secure online tool.

“We are finding that using CareCubed for contract work is supporting us to set the right budgets while still ensuring the services provide quality support.”

Roddy Huggan,
Commissioning Manager for Health &
Social Care Moray.

Commissioners enter what support each individual requires, such as help taking medicines, assistance when washing, night-time care etc.

CareCubed then uses data from around the UK to generate a benchmarked cost with a suggested rate for what commissioners should be paying for that person’s care.

This rate (and the evidence supporting it) is then used when going into negotiations with providers – meaning Moray can now commission often complex care services with ease, knowing they are paying a rate which is fair for the individual, provider and taxpayer.

In one example, it has generated savings of £7,000 a month for care provided to just seven people.

CareCubed also ensures clarity and consistency, with every provider now assessed against the same benchmarked criteria.

There is also increased transparency, which makes the monthly and annual monitoring of budgets far easier.

As part of a wider transformation programme, Moray are adopting a “progression model” to assist adults with learning disabilities to move towards greater independence.

“We now use iESE’s CareCubed every time we review an existing contract or procure a new one.”

Aimee Borzoni,
Commissioning Officer for Health &
Social Care Moray

With CareCubed’s help, this means care costs for now and the future are taken into account, meaning that budget setting has become easier and long-term forecasting can be done more efficiently, all while ensuring that the appropriate care is provided to support the individuals.

In-house training and support is provided by iESE so that staff can use the system with ease.

CareCubed also is regularly updated and developed with professional input via user forums, meaning that changes in local markets or national trends can be quickly integrated into the system.

All these benefits mean Moray are using CareCubed when commissioning the care contracts of its 150 adults in accommodation, including: new contracts, re-contracting with existing providers, and transferring care services from one provider to another.

Steps are also already underway to roll it out to the commissioning of care services for 450 people with learning disabilities within the area.

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